Season 1, Episode 8: Get Me Cody Swift


"Who in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks is this dandy?" -Buddy

"That guy's bigger than a studio apartment and you stand there mouthin' off!" -Bob

"The only thing worse than a man whose time has past is a man whose time never came. You're a ghost town, Emmett. A wind might come up, but the only sound I hear is it blowing through your big ugly ears." -Buddy

Written by Barry Pullman, Directed by D.J. Caruso.

Guest starring J.D. Daniels, Christopher Murray, Tracey Walter, George Wyner, M.C. Gainey, Maggie Baird, Loren Freeman, and Hanson.

Judd Trichter also appeared


Cody Swift, a teen movie star, pretends that he wants to meet Buddy so that he can learn what it's like to be a detective so that he can play one in his latest film. It turns out, however, that there is someone out to kill Cody, or at least to scare him, and Buddy and Bob have to protect him. After celebrating his 16th birthday party at Buddy's club with Hanson performing, Cody is kidnapped, along with Bob, on his way to work the next day. Buddy gets a ransom request. Meanwhile, Bob figures out that Cody was in on it the entire time, and was just trying to get his own money away from his parents and business manager. However, now that the kidnappers have been found out, they're not ready to call of the charade, and contact Cody's greedy father. Buddy busts Cody's business manager trying to make a getaway rather than collecting the ransom money because there is no ransom money... the business manager embezzled it. Buddy figures out where the kidnappers are holding Cody, and that it was probably Cody's idea in the first place, because Cody stole the idea from one of the cases in Buddy's book. Bob and Cody escape from their cell, and Buddy shows up just in time to save them.